Eligibility and Selection Criteria

PROcruit C helps motivated and caring first-time jobseekers look for work opportunities. To be eligible as an applicant, you must be*:

  • A Hong Kong resident;

  • Legally permissible to work in Hong Kong at the time of application;

  • A graduate of a bachelor’s degree or sub-degree (associate degree and high diploma) programme in 2019, 2020 or 2021;

  • Not employed full-time at the time of application;

  • With no more than three months of full-time employment on a consecutive (not accumulative) basis, including probation period since graduation.

*An applicant’s eligibility will be based on the programme’s final decision.

Application Process


Account Creation, Selection of Job Roles, Fill-In of Personal Information, VASK Assessment, and Video Recording

Interactive Interviews

Group Interview and Meeting with Prospective Employers

Talent Matching

Offer Announcement and Contract Signing

On-the-job Learning

Yearlong Professional Development Journey

Important Dates

PROcruit C accepts three rounds of applications:

Application PeriodInterview PeriodOffers MadeOnboard Training PeriodJob Onboard Date
1 st Round14th Dec 2020 –
3rd Jan 2021
26th Jan 2021
27th Jan 202116th Feb –
26th Feb 2021
1st Mar 2021
2 nd Round18th Jan –
28th Feb 2021
8th Mar –
30th Mar 2021
31st Mar 202119th Apr –
30th Apr 2021
3rd May 2021
3 rd Round29th Mar –
31st May 2021
7th Jun –
27th Jun 2021
28th Jun 202112th Jul –
30th Jul 2021
2nd Aug 2021